WLIA Scholarship Fundraising Challenge

In the absence of an in-person raffle we are going to challenge our membership to raise $5000 for the WLIA Foundation Inc Damon Anderson Memorial Scholarship Fund. Any donations made in the month of May will be counted towards our goal of $5000. How will we raise those funds you may ask? Well some of our members will offer talents, services, or experiences, in-kind for a donation. We also have some members that have offered to make one-time donations to match your donation. We also will have some challenges that will be unlocked as money is raised. For now those challenges will remain a secret but beginning next week we will unveil the opportunities to match donations or pay for people’s talents as well as unveil and tease additional challenges. Do you want in on the fun? If you have a challenge idea, or wish to share a talent/non-talent, service, one-time dollar match or other offer in return for a donation, please contact me: jeremiah.erickson@co.monroe.wi.us ASAP!

If you wish to get a head start on the ultimate goal of 5K you can donate now! Also, view the donation gauge so far!

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