Scholarships and Fundraising

It is that time of year where students have an opportunity to apply for the Damon Anderson Memorial Scholarship. This year we will be awarding four scholarships of $1000 to four individuals. Do you know a student in Geography, GIS, or a related field? Encourage them to apply for the DAMON ANDERSON MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP. If you are a student don’t be shy, apply! Don’t delay too long because the deadline for application submittal is June 11th and applicants please remember we need two letters of recommendation.

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Fundraising and Scholarships go hand in hand.
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We wouldn’t be able to fund our scholarships without WLIA member support. We typically would be doing so with our daily 50/50 raffle during our meetings. If you miss that opportunity you can still donate and get something in return. Consider donating money to the Wisconsin Land Information Foundation Inc., and taking a member up on their offer to provide you with a service, shared talent, or simple amusement as they attempt to complete a challenge. There are plenty of options left to claim as you will see at the end of this post. Check Slack to see the most current list. There are mystery boxes, donation matches, outings and more. If you are wondering how to claim a challenge or match follow these steps:

  1. Claim it on the WLIA Public Event Discussion Slack channel.
  2. Make your donation amount to the WLIA Foundation and see the donation gauge increase!
  3. The volunteers will complete the challenge, provide a service to you at an arrange time, or match your donation.

Plus remember that as more donations come in you will unlock other challenges as identified on the donation gauge. Stay tuned as WLIA Board Members are taking the plunge because your donations reached $1500. Keep your eyes on Slack and a future news post. Right now we owe it to Adam to reach $2,000. Just thinking about all that effort running makes me tired. Want to see me sweat? Then donate some more and when we reach $2500 I will attempt to put down some very very hot wings. If I cannot meet the challenge I will donate some more cash. There are other feats and challenges to unlock after that. The details can be found on the aforementioned donation gauge. Its all in good fun and remember its for the kids!

If you would prefer to just make a donation you can do that as well by clicking on the following link: Donate to the WLIA Foundation Inc.

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