Provide Your Input and Take the WLIA Member Survey!

We’ve put together a brief survey for the WLIA membership. We hope that this survey will provide insight on member benefits, future meeting format, and a variety of other aspects for the Board to consider. As part of collecting current member feedback with this survey, we are also interested in gathering input from potential members.

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To expand on the logic behind our questions…

We are in the process of exploring a new membership database and website options that may allow WLIA members to log in and access special content. This may allow for an expansion of benefits where users can sign in through a member portal and manage membership, events, profile customizations, and more. While we have yet to determine if WLIA will move in this direction, your feedback will be very helpful!

Regarding the meeting format, we are seeking to explore how virtual meeting offerings may be included (or not) into the future of WLIA. As we spent the past year participating in virtual events, we are seeking to explore if a virtual option is preferred in either large or small doses as we plan ahead.

Many other questions are also included – for these, we simply ask for your input. Thank you very much for participating in the survey. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Carmen Novak, WLIA President.

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