Exploring the spread of COVID-19 through human mobility research

Join us on Thursday, November 4th at 9:15 am to learn more about cutting-edge research happening at UW-Madison!

Dr. Song Gao, Assistant Professor in the Department of Geography and director of the UW Geospatial Data Science Lab will present “Mapping Human Mobility Changes and Geospatial Modeling of COVID-19 Spread” as part of our upcoming Fall Regional Meeting in Madison.

To contain the COVID-19 spread, one of the nonpharmaceutical interventions is physical (social) distancing. An interactive web-based mapping platform, which provides up-to-date mobility and close-contact proxy information using large-scale anonymized mobile phone location data in the US, was developed and maintained by the GeoDS Lab at UW-Madison.

Using the multiscale human mobility origin-to-destination flow data, Dr. Gao and his team developed a novel mobility-augmented epidemic model to help analyze the COVID-19 spread dynamics at multiple geographical scales (e.g., state, county, and neighborhood), inform public health policy, and deepen our understanding of human behavior under the unprecedented public health crisis.

We looking forward to seeing everyone in person again!

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