WLIA Mission and Vision

WLIA Mission and Vision

Mission Statement

The purpose of the WLIA is to foster the understanding, development, and use of integrated land information systems to benefit the citizens of Wisconsin


The mission for the organization is carried out by the following guiding principles:

A Professional Perspective – Guides the organization to advocate for policies, programs, and decisions that advance the use of statewide land information systems.

An Open Technical Forum – Support policies and practices that enhance resource sharing and oppose policies and practices that inhibit it.

Statewide Foundational Elements – Support statewide foundational elements that advance the use of statewide land information systems.

A Land Information Network – Provide innovation and guidance in the most effective ways to build and maintain the statewide land information systems.

Equitable Benefits – Promote the sharing of land information resources to foster the development of statewide land information systems.

An Independent Voluntary Association – Provide a forum in which all users of statewide land information systems can participate, learn and share ideas.