Address and Road Centerline Data Standard

WLIA adopted a Geographic Information System (GIS) dataset standard for Address Points and Street Centerlines. The multiuse publication standards were developed by the WLIA Technical Committee in 2018 in consultation with existing applicable standards and under the advice of various industry experts. The publication standards were further refined via a comprehensive survey of a large sampling of individuals and organizations related to the Wisconsin GIS industry. They are designed to be inclusive of multiple business needs, and may therefore be easily translated into several identified use cases and applications.

Survey respondents raised concerns about frequent changes in established data standards, and we concur that schema changes should be limited and rare as we move towards Next Generation 911 (NG911).  NG911 will be the most significant use case for address and road centerline data in the future. WLIA hopes that this standard will be adopted throughout Wisconsin and will allow the NG911 Task Force and the Department of Military Affairs (DMA) to evaluate the next steps for NG911 GIS data development.

Survey Summary

Address Points and Street Centerline datasets have been at the core of the land information community’s statewide foundational layers for decades and are critical for geocoding and routing, which are cornerstones to a multitude of governmental and private business requirements. Another business driver is inter-governmental data exchange, mostly at the state and regional level, but also local concerns such as urban areas bisecting county boundaries.  It is difficult to efficiently provide services when counties and municipalities cross multiple jurisdictions with no higher guidance on data interoperability. This type of agreed upon exchange schema may be used throughout all jurisdictions to address these concerns.

Please take a look at the data standards linked below.

Address Data Standard

Road Centerline Data Standard

For more details about the data standards please read our white paper.

Address Point & Street Centerline Data Standard Proposal White Paper

If you have a vested interest in these specific layers and want to provide feedback please contact the WLIA Technical Committee Chair.