Digital Swag Bag

Digital Swag Bag

For the 2021 Annual Conference, we mailed out delightful conference welcome kits, but we also have these great downloadable items:

  1. Conference Program and Attendee Guide – easily navigate your way through the 80 hours of content available
  2. Platinum Sponsor Promotions – see company flyers for Ayres, GRAEF, and DATAMARK
  3. Virtual Backgrounds for Zoom – these should already be available in Zoom, but you can also download these creative backgrounds
  4. Door Hanger to show Meeting in Progress – print and cut out this unique door hanger to avoid any interruptions during the conference!
  5. Coloring Pages – download, print, and color these fun designs: WLIA Coloring Page and Bear Coloring Page
  6. Spotify Playlist – a fun playlist of songs you can listen to while working or during any conference breaks!

Join WLIA on Slack!

  1. Join the WLIA Slack Channel – Main Page
  2. Add new channels geared toward the 2021 Annual Conference:

New Member Slack Channel – this is a space for new members to converse and learn more about WLIA. Ask any questions and meet other new members.

Job Board Slack Channel – this is a space to post and browse jobs or resumes. We usually have this job board near the registration desk at in-person conference, but it’s coming to you as a Slack channel this year.

Photo Contest Slack Channel – get updates on the photo contest, taking place Tuesday night. This is where you’ll share your picture for the contest entry! Have your photos submitted by noon on Wednesday to this channel.

Scavenger Hunt Slack Channel – get updates on the scavenger hunt and also find clues posted here! This will be taking place Monday through Thursday. We have a different theme every day and many prizes!

Trivia Night Slack Channel – get updates on the trivia night event, taking place Thursday evening at 6 pm CST. Build your team and get the Zoom meeting link to access trivia!