Exhibitors & Sponsors Registration Help

Thank you for your interest in being an exhibitor and/or sponsor at the upcoming 2023 WLIA Annual Conference! To ensure a smooth registration process, please review the following before registering.

Through this process you will be able to:

  • Become a Sponsor
  • Purchase an exhibit booth at the annual conference
  • Upgrade your complementary membership
  • Purchase up to 3 discounted full conference tickets

NOTE:  Conference attendee registration (including pre-conference workshops) will be done solely through the main conference registration, starting in December. If you receive complementary full conference tickets and purchase additional discounted tickets we will send you a single-use promo code to use when completing attendee registration. 

How to Register

Please contact Shelley Witte if you need any clarification of these instructions.

Before you start

Please be sure you have all of the information required to choose your sponsorship level, register your booth, and purchase discounted tickets before proceeding with this registration process.

  1. Review the Prospectus
  2. Know how many people from your organization you anticipate will attend the conference. 
  3. Login to your WLIA account or create one if you or your organization are not a recent member/conference participant.
    • Please take some time to ensure your organization's information is up-to-date in our system - especially the people listed under your organization and your organization's contact information. Primary contacts (or someone with management access) can update company and staff information in their Member Compass
  4. Click here to go to the Exhibitors and Sponsors registration page. 

Selecting Tickets

Unlike our typical conference registration process, you will select tickets before you select people.

  1. If you want to become a sponsor, expand the Sponsor Levels ticket category. Change the Quanity to 1 for your desired sponsorship level(s).
  2. To purchase an exhibit booth, expand the Exhibitor Options ticket category. Change the Quanity to 1 for your desired booth type. If you do not have access to purchase Exhibit Booth - Non-Profit Organization but believe you should, please Contact Us.
  3. To purchase an additional booth, upgrade your organizational membership level, or purchase additional full conference registrations at a reduced price, expand the Add-ons ticket category. All exhibitors can purchase up to 3 additional full conference registrations at a discounted price. 
    • NOTE:  The system will allow you to select more than 3 discounted full conference registration tickets, however, we ask that you please limit your purchase to 3.
  4. Click Continue-> when you are done selecting your tickets.

Adding Attendees/Contacts to Selected Tickets

The Who's going? page is where you will add people from your organization to some of the tickets you selected on the previous page. 

For Sponsor tickets:  

The Attendee should be your organization's Primary Contact

For Exhibit Booth tickets: 

The Attendee will be the primary booth representative from your organization. They are our main contact for all exhibitor-related things. You also have the opportunity to give your booth preference (see map in the Prospectus) and request additional items for your booth.

For Discounted Full Conference Registration tickets:

There are no attendee name fields to fill out because all conference attendees are registered through the main conference registration - which will open sometime in December. You will only have to fill out the Organization field so that we know who bought the discounted registrations. 

Click Continue-> when you've completed all required fields and acknowledgements on the page. 


The last page will complete your sponsor and/or booth registration.

  • The Registration Summary will list the people that you added to your selected tickets (or just the ticket name if no attendee was required) along with the ticket prices.
  • The total price of all selected tickets will be listed below the Registration Summary.
  • Please add any additional email addresses to the list for confirmation emails.
  • Your options for payment are Invoice or Credit/Debit. 

Click the Complete Registration button when you are finished with checkout.

What's Next?

You will receive an automatic confirmation email after completing the Exhibitor & Sponsor registration. Please allow 3-7 business days to receive your single-use promo code for conference attendee registration. You should receive a promo code if one or more of the following are true:

  • You are a Platinum, Gold, or Silver sponsor
  • You are an exhibitor
  • You purchased discounted full conference registrations

Please contact Shelley Witte with any questions about the registration process. For Prospectus-related questions, please use our general contact form.