Pro-Net Directory

Pro-Net Directory

Join the WLIA Professional Network (Pro-Net) Directory to Connect Locally & Act Globally!

Pro-Net Goal: to provide an active WLIA member directory list of other GIS/LIS professionals that describes their availability to be contacted and/or meet, how to be contacted, five main specialties, job title, past job titles, and potentially other topics in which they have expertise and could help others.

Access the Pro-Net Directory Directly – 


Why Join the Pro-Net?

  • To share your knowledge & wisdom with others who need help.
  • To increase your personal network and influence with those who have technical/professional questions.
  • To facilitate idea-sharing and collaboration among new and experienced GIS/LIS professionals.
  • To serve as a professional “mentor” or resource to new GIS professionals entering their field.
  • To have a quick reference of GIS/LIS professional contacts throughout Wisconsin, the Midwest, and other networks.

How to Join the Pro-Net?

  • IT’S FREE!
  • Make sure your WLIA membership is active.
  • You have 3 ways to sign up:
    • Sign Up NOW by sending an email requesting a URL to fill out the registration form.
    • Sign up at WLIA conferences or workshops during WLIA membership drives.
    • Wait until after the Annual WLIA Conference (mid-February) to receive the annual Pro-Net Directory membership email reminder with the URL to sign up.