Equity Advocates

Equity Advocates

This special interest group was created to collaborate with and encourage women in GIS and other related fields in Wisconsin. This group is open to those who would like to work in those endeavors. We invite members to share experiences, articles, noteworthy items, and inspiration on the forums. Women in GIS – Wisconsin is now on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn!

Over the last year Jennifer Borlick and Kelly Felton of WiGIS-WI have been meeting with the MN GIS/LIS workgroup Equity Advocates. During this same time WiGIS-WI has been discussing with its members possible changes to the group. The desire to engage a more diverse group of individuals has become a main focus. We want to build a platform for increasing inclusivity within the geospatial community. As a result of our conversations with Equity Advocates and discussions with members at our WiGIS-WI meetings, we have set a new course for our group.

The June 5th WiGIS-WI virtual meeting during WLIA’s Spring Regional Conference involved a presentation by Cory Richter of Equity Advocates. This presentation highlighted Equity Advocates’ formation history, it’s mission and goals. Following the presentation we discussed with members our desire to change the focus of our group. Those attending supported the decision to create a group similar to Equity Advocates.

With the support of volunteers from the virtual meeting, we will be moving forward and begin organizing Equity Advocates. We look forward to this new endeavor, building equity, representation, and inclusion inside the geospatial community through education, mentorship, and advocacy.

Follow us on our Women in GIS –WI social media sites for updates as we move through these changes. We appreciate your continued support!

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