Spring Virtual Meeting

Thank you for attending! See you in the Fall!

  • Wednesday, June 3rd – Workshop Day
  • Thursday, June 4th – Presentation Day and Social Events
  • Friday, June 5th – Special Interest Group Day

Our full agenda is available on Sched for a complete listing of speaker bios, presentation descriptions, and event details. You can find the links to register for each webinar session there, or further down on this page. Once you register, a confirmation e-mail with the webinar link, and an option to add to your calendar is available.

Make sure you register for each event you wish to attend, as there will be separate links for various groups of sessions and events. The beginning and end of each group will have 10 minutes for settling in and/or announcements. Workshops and presentations will also be recorded and posted after the event if you can’t attend. Participants in the live events will have the opportunity to ask questions, usually at the end of each presentation.

GoToWebinar is the main virtual platform being used. Once you register, download the desktop application before-hand for best results. You can also join via a web browser. Computer audio will be required for listening to the presentations, so make sure you have headphones or speakers that work. For technical questions, here’s a great video from GoTo on joining a webinar.

Social Events!

Networking and friendship is a big part of WLIA. In that spirit, we have two events to choose from:

  • Frank Conkling of Panda Consulting has offered a Virtual Happy Hour! Nothing fancy, just an online place to hang out and chat with friends from 4:15 – 6:50pm. Enter any time with no registration needed at this GoToMeeting link.
  • Then, grab a drink, get a snack, and join us Thursday evening at 7 PM for Trivia Night! Test your wits against your fellow WLIA members. To register for this event, click here!

June 3rd – Workshop Day

Workshop One

To directly enter the Morning Workshop, click here. There is no WLIA registration, as Panda is hosting it themselves.

Workshop Two

To register for the Afternoon Workshop, click here.

June 4th – Session Day

Presentations will be split into a Morning and an Afternoon GoToWebinar so register for each separately!  You can join at any time during the sessions, but for best results do not jump in and out, as there is a limit of three entrances per webinar – just put the webinar in the background on mute if you need a pause.  There are fifteen-minute breaks between each speaker that will contain information and fun.  The afternoon session will also include the Virtual 50/50 Drawing!

Session Group One

To register for the Morning Session, click here.

Session Group Two

To register for the Afternoon Session, click here.

June 5th – SIG Day

Friday is our Special Interest Group Day.  Register for each SIG’s webinar below that you’re interested in attending.  All are welcome in each, so it’s a good chance to pop in and see what each group talks about.

9:00am – 10:00am – Join the Municipal GIS Group as they discuss issues unique to municipal government. To register for MUGG, click here.

10:15am – 11:15am – Join the State Agency Geospatial Information Committee as they discuss issues that affect state agencies, collaboration and data sharing, and other state-wide issues. To register for SAGIC, click here.

11:30am – 12:30pm – Join Women in GIS to celebrate successes and discuss equity and representation in the GIS industry. To register for Women in GIS, click here.

1:30pm – 2:30pm – Even though it’s usually just us Board Members, they are public!  Feel free to stop by with your comments. To register for the WLIA Board Meeting, click here.

Last but not least, we’d like to thank our Platinum Sponsors who support us throughout the year:  Ayres Associates, GPI Geospatial, and GRAEF!  Our continued thanks goes out to them.