It’s for the Kids!

It’s for the Kids!

Our meetings are always good opportunities to show some love for the WLIA Foundation and the 2021 Spring Virtual Meeting Series is no different. While we cannot do the traditional raffle, you can still donate to the Foundation – and have some fun with these unique challenges. Thank you for your continued support!

Challenge Board to Encourage Donations

Here’s how it works:

  1. Claim a challenge from the board shown below by entering it onto the WLIA Public Event Discussion slack channel
  2. Then make your donation amount to the WLIA Foundation and see the donation gauge increase
  3. Challenge volunteers will then post a photo, video, or link of info in the same slack channel to complete that challenge (note that some challenges will be quicker to accomplish than others)

Donation Gauge for 2021 Spring Virtual Meeting

As donations increase and we get to these levels, these major challenges will unlock!

$1500 is reached, WLIA Board Members will take a long walk off a short pier – jumping into lakes, rivers, or oceans
$2000 is reached, Adam Derringer will run a 10K (6.2 miles)
$2500 is reached, Jeremy Erickson will attempt to eat 6 of the hottest chicken wings on the menu – if he fails then he will donate another $50
$3000 is reached, Adam will run another 10K – wow!
$3500 is reached, Colter and Jeremy will face off in an eating feat in Madison during the fall meeting and the loser will donate $50 in their name and $50 on behalf of the winner
$4000 is reached, Adam will run yet another 10K
$5000 is reached, Jeremy will sing a medley of songs from 1987 and Adam will run the 4th 10K