Spring Regional Workshops

Spring Regional Workshops

Getting Started with Survey123 – Hands on Workshop
David Buehler, GIS Coordinator, City of Marshfield
9 am – 12 pm | Thursday, May 31

The Survey123 workshop will focus on Survey123 Connect as the interface for designing, building, and deploying functional forms. During the workshop, you will design and build a form from the ground up starting simple and gradually increasing in complexity, and then deploy and use that form out in a variety of connected and disconnected environments. This workshop is designed with beginners in mind, but will cover some advanced topics such as service integration, lookup lists, relevant expressions, and automation techniques. A combination of lecture and hands-on activities will be used.

Duration: 3 hours, plus breaks
Resources needed: Laptop with Survey123, Survey123 Connect, Excel 2010 or greater, ArcGIS Online Account, mobile device is preferable, but not required.

Workflows for Analyzing Crash Data from the UW TOPS WisTransPortal 
Steven Parker, Program Manager, UW-Madison TOPS Laboratory
9 am – 12 pm | Thursday, May 31

The WisTransPortal, operated by the UW-Madison TOPS Laboratory, contains a complete database of Wisconsin crash data from 1994 through the current year. This database contains information on all police reported crashes in Wisconsin including the location of each crash, vehicles involved, and general crash attributes. Personal data have been removed. The TOPS Lab maintains the crash database for research purposes and as a service to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT).

User accounts to access the crash data through WisTransPortal online tools are available to WisDOT and other government agencies, Wisconsin RPCs and MPOs, and universities working on WisDOT sponsored projects. Crash data is also available upon request to anyone in the general public, including government, engineering consultants, media, law firms, non-profit organizations, and individuals. Consultants and other organizations working on WisDOT projects may also obtain account access and/or copies of crash reports to fulfill project requirements.

This workshop will cover workflows for analyzing crash data from the UW TOPS WisTransPortal. Specific topics that will be covered:

* Geocoding crash points
* Ranking intersections by accident count, type, severity, etc
* Analyzing trends time of day, day of week, month of year
* How the data is processed from the local officers to the statewide database
* Identify correlations between accident count/type and specific traffic control configurations.

Duration: 3 hours, plus breaks

Get Started with ArcGIS Open Data – Hands on Workshop
Peter Gamberg, Solution Engineer, Esri
9 am – 12 pm | Thursday, May 31

This workshop will focus on what constitutes an ArcGIS Online Open Data Site, best practices for sharing data through an Open Data Site, and best practices for customizing, or “branding”, an Open Data Site. What you learn in this workshop will go a long way toward immediately improving the way in which you share data within your Organization and/or with the Public.

Duration: 3 hours, plus breaks
Resources needed: Laptop, ArcGIS Online Organizational account with Administrator rights
Prerequisites: Used ArcGIS Online before