Spring Virtual Fun and Games

There are three chances for registered attendees to win fabulous prizes during our Spring Virtual Meeting!

Our first game will be “3 Truths and a Lie” featuring some fun facts about our WLIA Board Members and Platinum Sponsor celebrities. Your job is to pick the lie out of the four facts we give you for each person on this Survey123 form.

This game runs now through 10 AM, May 13th. We’ll reveal the answers and winners during the Lunch Gab at 12-1 pm that day, so be sure to join us.

Ties will be broken with a random drawing. We can’t wait to hear a few stories behind some of the answers!

This game has closed, congratulations to our winners, Colter Sikora, Grace White and Lisa Herrmann! Keep reading for two more chances to win…

Our second game is a scavenger hunt and photo contest all in one – have some “Monumental Fun with WLIA!”

For more details, directions, and tips, check out the web map.  The splash screen has everything you need to know, so make sure to read through the guidelines there.  Winners will be chosen randomly, so get those submissions in!  Deadline for submittal is 5/26 at 5 PM.

  1. Go to the State Cartographer’s Office Survey Control Finder and locate a control point near you.
  2. For an extra entry, wear some WLIA Gear!
  3. Find the monument (or not.)
  4. Fill out the survey and take a picture or two*.

Our third game is another hunt. Did you know our map pin logo has a name? It’s Rosie, named after the official headquarters of WLIA in Wild Rose, Wisconsin! Now that you know that piece of trivia, be on the lookout. Hidden somewhere on a slide of three different WLIA Spring Virtual presenters will be the Spring Virtual logo featuring Rosie in a field of flowers. Click on this Survey123 link to enter your name, e-mail, and where you saw Rosie to be entered into a drawing!

Moderator slides don’t count, only actual presenters. If you see Rosie more than once, feel free to get yourself an extra entry! Entries will be accepted through the end of the final presentation on May 27th.

Our prizes for each game at the Spring Virtual are fantastic, so don’t miss out:

  • 1st place – $25 gift card to business of your choice (we’re giving you a chance to buy local as long as the gift card is easily attainable online!)
  • 2nd place – WLIA logo t-shirt valued at $20 each
  • 3rd place – Gift basket of sponsor and WLIA gifts

We’ll contact you for details if you win. Good luck!