President’s Message – Be the Change!

Greetings WLIA members, For many years I followed a typical career progression in my organization. I was hired into an entry level GIS Technician/Analyst position, after several promotions and reorganizations I became a division manager and took on… Read More

GIS Day 2018

GIS Day 2018 will be officially held on Wednesday, November 14th.

Presentations Available from the Fall Meeting

The Fall Regional Meeting was held on October 11-12 at the Stone Harbor Resort in Sturgeon Bay, WI.  A variety of great presentations took place, drawing excellent turnout at this lovely venue.  Presentation slides from each presenter are available… Read More

Using Spatial Data to Guide Invasive Species Control in Door County

There are many invasive plants and animals to be concerned about, and this team is working to inventory and control these threats.  When 15-foot-tall monster plants form large clones and dominate the Door County shoreline, you can see… Read More

Pollinator Conservation and the Application of Spatial Information

Pollinators are responsible for pollinating over 75% of our flowering plants, and nearly 75% of our crops. Honey bees pollinate billions of dollars’ worth of crops each year in the United States. Several local pollinators like bees and bats… Read More

Learn About the New Datums Coming in 2022

Join us at the upcoming WLIA Fall Regional Meeting where the 2022 datums will be discussed in-depth. Two back-to-back presentations will cover the NATRF2022 Task Force goals and objectives as well as highlight the 2022 National Geodetic Survey… Read More

Applications of GIS in Marine Archaeology – A Great Presentation at the WLIA Fall Meeting

Speaker Caitlin Zant will be presenting on the Applications of GIS in Marine Archaeology at the WLIA Fall Regional Meeting, taking place in Sturgeon Bay, WI on October 11th and 12th at the Stone Harbor Resort. The field of… Read More

Register for the Basics of LiDAR Workshop on August 15-16 at UW-Madison

Registration is now open for the Basics of LiDAR workshop, to be held over two full days, from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm, on August 15-16, 2018, at UW-Madison. In this workshop, attendees will get hands-on experience manipulating… Read More

NG9-1-1 Update

I just wanted to keep the WLIA members up to date on some new items that are happening in the NG9-1-1 world. The first item is the NENA Standard for NG9-1-1 GIS data Model has been published: This… Read More

2018 Spring Conference Highlight: Racine County 2017 Flood: Working with ESRI Disaster Response Program

Racine County 2017 Flood Spotlight

In July of 2017, southeastern Wisconsin experienced flooding that affected western Racine County. With the help of the ESRI Disaster Response Program (DRP), Racine County was able to help with the damage assessment and planning for recovery. Join… Read More