Managing Addressing Issues in a NG9-1-1 World

Join us at the 2021 WLIA Fall Regional on Friday, November 5th at 9:15 am to learn more about addressing issues in the NG 9-1-1 world. Jeff Ledbetter from DATAMARK will discuss how to help the data owners… Read More

Address Point and Street Centerline Data Standards

WLIA adopted Geographic Information System (GIS) dataset standards for “Address Points” and “Street Centerlines”. The multiuse publication standards were developed by the WLIA Technical Committee in 2018 in consultation with existing applicable standards and under the advice of… Read More

There’s Still Time to Complete the Survey about Address Point and Road Centerline Data Standards

Complete the survey now to make your voice heard about the proposed address point and road centerline data standards. Survey Deadline: October 19th 2018 The WLIA Technical Committee is working toward the development of Address Point And Road Centerline Data… Read More

Safe At Home – Wisconsin’s Address Confidentiality Program

Safe at Home is Wisconsin’s address confidentiality program for victims of abuse and those who fear for their physical safety. Established in 2017, Safe at Home provides legal address protection for participants’ home, work, or school addresses in… Read More