Hazards Have You Worried?

Hazards have you Worried?

Deep dive into Next Generation 9-1-1 planned for upcoming regional meeting

Many of us have heard a lot about the importance of GIS in “Next Generation” 9-1-1 systems.  But what does that really mean?  Exactly *how* does GIS support NG 9-1-1, and what can we as GIS professionals do… Read More

“Dark Sky” coming to WLIA regional meeting in Delavan

A full-scale training exercise simulating a long-term mass power outage in Wisconsin kicks off May 15 at sites around the state. Known as “Dark Sky,” GIS will play a big role in the event. Come to our upcoming Regional meeting to learn more.

UWSP offering new hybrid course on GIS Applications in Emergency Management

The University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point is offering an innovative new class that combines online learning with up to four face-to-face classes. “GIS Applications in Emergency Management” begins on January 21, 2014 and will cover  public safety issues and… Read More