GIS Educator Day 2021 is October 13

Educator Day is a free, virtual one-day workshop all about using digital maps and GIS in the classroom. Learn from experienced teachers and GIS professionals to help you feel ready to bring GIS into your classroom. Whether you’ve never heard of… Read More

North American society of map enthusiasts meeting in Minneapolis, October 14-17

The annual meeting of the North American Cartographic Information Society is happening at the Depot Renaissance Hotel in Minneapolis on October 14-17, 2015.  The theme this year is “Mapping Interactions.” Conference organizers are actively seeking presentations, panel discussion… Read More

Upcoming Minnesota GIS/LIS workshops worth a look

Anyone willing to travel to the Twin-Cities area should check out the slate of workshops being offered by the Minnesota GIS/LIS Association on Thursday May 22nd.

Ramsey County (MN) GIS data will soon be free

Read more for yourself in this article.  Interestingly, plenary speakers Scott Resnick and Michael Terner addressed this very topic last week at our annual conference.  Open data is clearly a growing trend!