Fall Virtual Spotlight: State and Federal Agency Day

Keeping up to date on State and Federal concerns is key to being fully informed from a Land Records perspective. Monday, October 12th kicks off the Fall Virtual Meeting with State and Federal Agency Day. You will hear… Read More

Lunch Hour Reading

GIS Techniques and Glossary: Understanding the Landscape of Geospatial – D3, OpenLayers, LeafletJS, ArcGIS JS API, MapBox, CartoDB, etc. GIS is extremely powerful, but the language of maps can be confusing. Explore some of the latest techniques for web mapping… Read More

Easy Access USGS Map Downloads

I recently had to download USGS Topo maps for another department. Back around 2010, when the maps were redone, I remember starting to download the quads that made up Wood County. For whatever reason I didn’t get very… Read More

USGS: The National Map and National Atlas Merge

During this year, National Atlas of the United States and The National Map will transition into a combined single source for geospatial and cartographic information. This transformation is projected to streamline access to maps, data and information from the USGS National Geospatial Program (NGP). This action will… Read More