Blugolds finding success in geospatial fields

With the mapping business booming thanks to GPS and other technological advances, Continental Mapping Consultants — a long-established Sun Prairie-based company — expects its workforce to top 100 employees by the end of summer. While building relationships with businesses… Read More

Lunch Hour Reading

GIS Techniques and Glossary: Understanding the Landscape of Geospatial – D3, OpenLayers, LeafletJS, ArcGIS JS API, MapBox, CartoDB, etc. GIS is extremely powerful, but the language of maps can be confusing. Explore some of the latest techniques for web mapping… Read More

UW-Eau Claire receives $418,869 grant for Geospatial Education Initiative

Geospatial education at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire is undergoing a significant transformation to provide students with real-world training, skills and workforce readiness necessary for successful careers in the growing geospatial industry. The GEI has three core goals… Read More