Annual Conference Map Contest

The WLIA Map Contest is a great opportunity to share your best work with others who appreciate quality cartography and innovation. Awards will be presented for the best entries in each category in addition to special awards, all listed below.


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  • Base / Reference Map:  Very useful, complete, and documented map sporting good design, layout, labeling, and annotation to feature your data.  Example
  • Thematic Map:  Features prominent, yet appropriate use of cartographic techniques to share a message. (e.g.: Choropleth, Proportional Symbol, Isopleth, Dot Density, Cartogram, etc.)  Example
  • Mapping Poster:  Informative and interesting presentation that highlights innovative geospatial projects or processes. Example
  • Black and White Map:  Any format and theme, but no hue… a special design challenge!  Example
  • Brochure / Small Format Map:  Brochure's can be any size, but must be designed as a foldable/printable map intended for distribution. Small Format maps must be size B (17” x 11) or smaller; any theme, scale, or extent.  Example
  • Map Book or Atlas:  Must be a bound and easy-to-use map series for any theme.  Example
  • Most Unique:  Unconventional, creative presentation, unique subject and/or materials.  Example
  • Interactive Map:  Website or application designed to share geospatial knowledge with users.  Example
  • Story Map:  Website or application designed to share a geospatially-focused narrative with users.  Example 


  • Best Student Map
  • Best Private Sector Map
  • Best Public Sector Map
  • President’s Choice
  • People’s Choice

*** All entries MUST include an uploaded digital version, preferably a PDF. ***
*** A map can only be entered in one category. ***


January 4, 2023 – Online registration open.

February 15, 2023 – Submission deadline for Interactive Map and Story Map categories.

February 20, 2023 – Online submission for Map Contest closes.

February 23, 2023 – All non-web maps must be delivered to the Map Gallery at the Annual Conference. In-person registrations will be accepted in the Map Gallery until 10 a.m.

Map Contest Judging: In-person judging will occur in the Map Gallery on February 23rd at 5 p.m. Virtual judging for the Interactive and Story map categories will occur the week before the Conference. If you would like to be a judge, please email the Map Contest Co-Chairs.