Legislative  Whitepapers

Working with its lobbyist, the WLIA Board created a series of whitepapers to raise awareness of our association and its interests.  The hope is that by proactively meeting with legislators, WLIA will be consulted as legislation is being drafted instead of the association being reactive after legislation is proposed.  The whitepapers were created to assist in these meetings and to have something to leave with the people we meet with.   The whitepapers also identify the association’s top legislative priorities as adopted by the WLIA Board in 2018.  Association members are encouraged to use the whitepapers if they have an opportunity to meet with administrators or legislators about issues concerning land information.

WLIA General One-Pager

WLIA Focus Areas

Legislative Priority: Stable WLIP Funding

Legislative Priority: Eliminating Barriers

Legislative Priority: Statewide Mapping Initiatives

Legislative Priority: NG-911 GIS Funding

Legislative Priority: Broadband

The WLIA Board, through its Legislative Committee, will periodically update and add to this whitepaper series.  The intent is to provide the board, its lobbyist, and association members resources to help advocate for land information issues.