Foundational Layers

Stakeholders originally identified foundational elements as the most critical Wisconsin geospatial layers for supporting a wide range of business needs and policy decisions. Since 1990, foundational elements have been incorporated into the WLIP requirements for county and state agency land information planning, as well as the WLIP-related funding of county land information activities.

The 12 data-related foundational element categories are listed below. The current WLIP foundational elements described in the current "Uniform Instructions for Preparing County Land Information Plans" are slightly more narrow because they specifically focus on County Land Information Plans.

1.  Geographic Positioning Reference Frameworks
2.  Orthoimagery
3.  Elevation and Topographic Data
4.  Parcel Data
5.  Parcel Administration and Assessment Data
6.  Street/Road Centerlines, Address Ranges and Address Points
7.  Hydrography, Hydrology and Wetlands Data
8.  Soils, Land Cover, and other Natural Resource Data
9.  Land Use Data
10.  Zoning Data
11.  Election and Administrative Boundary Data
12.  Critical Infrastructure and Facilities Data

Status of Selected Wisconsin Foundational Layers

This document is a high level summary of the status of each of the foundational layers for the year shown.

Foundational Layers Completeness Discoverability Accessibility Scorecard

The scorecard reflects the geographic completeness, base attribute completeness, as well as the discoverability and accessibility of each of the foundational layers.

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