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Do I have an account on WLIA.org?

If you are currently or were a WLIA member in 2021, we've already created an account for you. Click to access your account. Enter your email (the one that receives WLIA communications) and follow the instructions to reset your password.

If your WLIA membership expired on or before 3/1/2021, you'll need to create an online account. If you still work for the organization you did when you were last a member, the system will likely recognize you and connect to your member record. If not, we have ways to merge records on the admin side.

What is the Member Compass?

The Member Compass is where you can update your profile information, pay dues and event invoices, and easily access recent WLIA and land information news. If you're the primary contact for your organization's WLIA membership, you also have the ability to update your organization's profile and add/remove staff listed under your organization. 

I am the Primary Contact for my organization. What does that mean?

What are "inheriting members?"

If your organization or company has either an Organization - Level One or Organization - Level 2 membershipship with WLIA and you work for that organization/company, you are receiving member benefits through your organization. This is purely for membership dues purposes and the way our new membership management system handles things. We still consider all people as individual members of WLIA.

What are automatic membership renewals and how do they work?

Our new membership management system allows for automatic renewals. Invoices are automatically generated and sent out in early January notifying you that your membership has been renewed until March 1st of the following year. Your membership with WLIA will stay current as long as your invoice is paid by the due date on the invoice. Contact us if you would like to opt-out of auto-renewals. (Note:  auto-renewal =/= auto-pay. See below.)

What is auto-pay?

Just like you can set up auto-pay for your credit card bills, utility bills, and services you subscribe to, you can elect to auto-pay your WLIA membership dues each year. If you opt in, the system will use stored credit card information to pay your individual or organizational membership when your membership auto-renewals each year. You will receive an email notification:

  • when your membership is auto-renewed
  • when the credit card you have on file will be charged
  • if there is an issue with the credit card you have on file and the dues payment could not be processed