WLIA Standards

Over the lifetime of WLIA, various groups and task forces have worked to create standards for prdata to help ensure modern, accurate, and complete statewide information could be achieved.  Below are the combined efforts of such activities with links to these standards and data schemas.  Listed first are those standards that are actively in use, followed by legacy standards that serve to educate our members on previous efforts.

Address Points and Street Centerlines for NextGen911 and Beyond

These multiuse publication standards were developed by the WLIA Technical Committee in 2018 in consultation with existing applicable standards and under the advice of various industry experts. The publication standards were further refined via a comprehensive survey of a large sampling of individuals and organizations related to the Wisconsin GIS industry. They are designed to be inclusive of multiple business needs, and may therefore be easily translated into several identified use cases and applications.  If you have any comments or feedback, please contact the Technical Committee at technical@wlia.org.

Combined Database Schema

Address Points

Street Centerlines
Meta Information

Legacy Standards

Guideline for Standard Development (1998)

Geodetic Control Clearinghouse (1994)

Parcel GeoLocator Standard (1995)

GIS Data Exchange between Wisconsin Public Agencies (1996)

Digital Parcel Mapping Data Content Standards (1999)

PLSS Database Definitions (2000)

Geospatial Metadata Definitions (2000)

Real Estate Document Definitions Resource