Awards Committee

The Awards Committee develops and recommends a list of award recipients for the annual conference. To nominate someone for their good work, review the guidelines below and click the Nominate button to let us know who you think deserves recognition.


Jennifer Borlick, Rock County

Carmen Novak, Bayfield County

Jeremiah Erickson, Monroe County

Adam Derringer, Ayres Associates

Emily Champagne, Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage Dist

Eric Damkot, Washington County

Joe Martell, Shawano County

Jon SchwichtenbergGRAEF

Kim Christman, Racine County

Doug Avoles, St Croix County

Patrick Walker, Washington County

Jaime Martindale, University of Wisconsin

Maggie Bennett, Stockbridge-Munsee Tribe

Peter Strand, Eau Claire County

Colter Sikora, Public Service Commission



Award Guidelines and History

Allen H. Miller Sustained Service Award

Given to an individual or organization that demonstrates sustained service to WLIA and the WLIP, through continued exemplary contributions. The Allen H. Miller Sustained Service Award is named after the first WLIA President and lifelong friend and supporter.

2023 - Kelly Felton

2022 - Dr. Stephen J. Ventura

2021 – Barb Gibson

2020 – Andy Erdman

2019 – Mike Koutnik

2018 – Al Brokmeier

2017 – Jerry Sullivan

2016 – Lynn Grube

2015 – Jodi Helgeson

2014 – William Huxhold

2013 – Mike Romportl

2012 – Jeff Bluske

2011 – David Fodroczi

2010 – Fred Halfen

2009 – Don Dittmar

2008 – Damon Anderson

2007 – Kathleen Swingle

2006 – Mike Hasslinger

2005 – Ken Pabich

2004 – Ted Koch

2003 – D. David Moyer

2002 – Nancy von Meyer

2001 – Bernard Niemann, Jr.

2000 – Jane Licht

1999 – Allen H. Miller (Establishment), Arden Sandsnes

President’s Award

The President’s Award is a meritorious award given at the President’s discretion.  The President may select someone at their discretion based on the support that person offers the President or the Association.

2023 – Carmen Novak

2022 – Colter Sikora

2021 – Kim Meinert

2020 – Carmen Novak

2019 – Karen Long and Mike Vander Sanden

2018 – Jennifer Borlick

2017 – Peter Strand

2016 – Andrew Faust

2015 – Martin Goettl

2014 – Andrew Faust and Jim Lacy

2013 – Trish Nau

2012 – Peter Herreid

2011 – Andrew Faust

2010 – Thomas Tym and Scott Hameister

2009 – Kelly Felton

2008 – Peter Miller

2007 – Ken Pabich

2006 – Ann Barrett

2005 – Jon Schwichtenberg

2004 – William Huxhold

2003 – David Fodroczi

2002 – Steve Geiger

2001 – Jerry Sullivan

2000 – David Fodroczi

1999 – D. David Moyer

1998 – Ted Koch

1997 – Doug King

1996 – Allen H. Miller

1995 – Bernard J. Niemann, Jr.

1994 – Brenda Haskins

1993 – John Laub

1992 – Nancy von Meyer

1991 – William S. Holland

Government Achievement Award

Given to a municipal, town, county, regional planning commission, state, federal, or tribal government or consortium that has demonstrated excellence in one or more of the following areas: innovative and efficient use of resources (best “bang for the buck”), sustainable development of critical local, regional, or statewide geospatial datasets, implementation of creative cooperative agreements, creation of innovative applications and information services that improve the delivery of government services to citizens.

2023 - City of Waukesha

2022 - Milwaukee County

2021 – GIS Team, DES Bureau of Information Technology Services (BITS), State of Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS)

2020 – Wisconsin Department of Military Affairs and Emergency Management

2019 – City of West Allis

2018 – Town of Greenville

2017 – Bayfield County Land Records Department

2016 – Peter Strand (Eau Claire County), Village of Bellvue GIS Program

2015 – None

2014 – Legislative Technology Services Bureau

2013 – North Central Regional Planning Commission

2012 – Washington County, Wood County Surveyors Office

2011 – Sherri Hawkins, Green County; Louise Olson, Walworth County; Rich Colbert, Walworth County; Andy Holschbach, Ozaukee County; Pat Sutter, Dane County; Tony Pillow, Iowa County; Gerry Kokkonen, Jefferson County

2010 – Douglas County, City of Superior, City of West Allis

2009 – Jefferson County; Vernon County

2008 – City of Sun Prairie/Andy Swartz; Outagamie County/Brad Bastian; Outagamie County/Luke Behling; City of Appleton/Jay Yearwood; Brown County/Jeff DuMez

2007 – Waupaca County/ Land Info Committee; City of West Bend

2006 – Francine Roberg, Village of Ashwaubenon

2005 – Northeastern WI Regional Planning Mapping Initiative, Washington County, Oconto County

2004 – City of Menasha, Burnett County Land Information Office, Dane County Land Information Office

2003 – Brown County, City of New Berlin and Iowa County

2002 – Clark County, Fond du Lac County

2001 – Waukesha County

2000 – Dane County Land Information Office, Southwest Consortium: Lafayette County, Grant County, Iowa County and Vernon County, Village of Ashwaubenon

Outstanding Contribution Award

Given to an individual or an organization that is a WLIA member and has made a substantial contribution to WLIA activities or the Wisconsin Land Information Program (WLIP).

2023 - Shelley Witte

2022 - Kim Meinert

2021 – Grace White

2020 – Colter Sikora

2019 – Adam Derringer

2018 – Bryan Meyer

2017 – Jaime Martindale

2016 – Jim Lacy

2015 – Barb Gibson and Martin Goettl

2014 – Jon Schwichtenberg and AJ Wortley

2013 – Brian Dubis, Kelly Felton, Steve Geiger

2012 – Bill Shockley, Justin Conner, East Central Regional Planning Commission

2011 – Kirk Contrucci, Peter Miller, Bill Shockley, David Mockert, Justin Conner

2010 – Paula Cummings

2009 – State Cartographer’s Office; Mike Friis, Chris Diller

2008 – Cindy Wisinski, Scott Galetka, Melissa Kraemer-Badtke

2007 – Richard Vraga, Kent Pena

2006 – Ron Voigt

2005 – Dan Seidensticker, Alissa Bails

2004 – Fred Halfen

2003 – Ted Brenson

2002 – Lynn Grube

2001 – Scott Godfrey

2000 – Kathy Swingle, Brenda Hemstead

1999 – Tim Barnett

1998 – Fred Halfen, Mike Romportl

1997 – Sue Niemann, Ron Voigt

1996 – Jane Licht, Karen Sylvester

1995 – Roxanne Brown

1994 – Ronald Betz, Paul Hartzheim

1993 – Les Van Horn

1992 – None

1991 – Leo Hamilton, Joseph Wineke, D. David Moyer

1990 – Mike Bacon, Robert Welch

Friend of Land Records Award

Given to an individual or organization that is not a WLIA member and has contributed to the success or advancement of land records modernization in Wisconsin.

2023 - Rep. Amy Loudenbeck and Sen. Howard Marklein

2022 - Dr. Alan P. Vonderohe

2021 – WI Real Property Listers Association

2020 – Jack Dangermond

2019 – UW-Stevens Point Department of Geography and Geology

2018 – Rob Merry

2017 – Bureau of Indian Affairs

2016 – Wisconsin Regional Orthophotography Consortium

2015 – Ho-Chunk Nation GIS

2014 – Representative Pat Strachota

2013 – WI Dept of Children and Families; Division of Safety and Permanence

2012 – EWUG

2011 – Justin Shell, DATCP; John Pfender, WI DNR; Carol Holden – WI DNR

2010 – St. Louis County MN; Electronic Recording Council of WI

2009 – Sam Batzli, WisconsinView; Wisconsin Society of Land Surveyors

2008 – David N. Radermacher, Washington County Board Supervisor

2007 – WI Register of Deeds Association

2006 – Mark Hilliker, UW Extension

2005 – None

2004 – John Haverberg

2003 – Francis “Franc” Fennessy, Thomas Ourada, Thomas Solberg, Thomas Krauskopf

2002 – Southeastern WI RPC

2001 – Natural Resources Conservation Service

2000 – Senator Robert Welch, Senator Kevin Shibilski

1999 – Sheila Harsdorf

1998 – Kevin Connors

1997 – Kurt Bauer, Don Doyle

1996 – Winnebago County Board

1995 – Dr. James Clapp, National Geodetic Survey (For State Geodetic Advisor Program)

1994 – Governor Anthony Earl, Robert Hoesly (Green County Board Chair), Wood County Board of Supervisors

Distinguished Service Award

Given to outgoing Board members as thanks for their service and dedication to the Wisconsin Land Information Association.

2023 - Nik Anderson, David Buehler, Fred Iausly, Joe Martell, Zachery Newton, Grace White

2022 - Kim Christman, Sandy Disrud, Laurel Hodkiewicz, Bryan Meyer, Colter Sikora, Shelley Witte

2021 – Lauree Aulik, Colleen Hermans, Fred Iausly, Kim Meinert, Zach Nienow, Jason Poser

2020 – Jennifer Borlick, Jeremiah Erickson, Karen Manske, Ryan Squires, Pat Walker, David Buehler

2019 – Adam Dorn, Jim Lacy, Zach Nienow, Carmen Novak, Suzi Smith, Jennifer Tovar

2018 – Tammy Castonia, Christine Koeller, James Landwehr, Mitch Moline, Peter Strand, Tony Van Der Wielen

2017 – Jim Lacy, Mitch Moline, Zach Nienow, Carmen Novak, Jennifer Tovar, Sarah Kemp

2016 – William Cozzens, Eric Damkot, Matt Eitrem, Peter Strand, Kim Sundeen, Tony Van Der Wielen

2015 – Andy Swartz, Martin Goettl, Kirk Contrucci, Jim Lacy, Barb Gibson, Mark Teuteberg

2014 – William Cozzens, Adam Derringer, Brian Dubis, John Ellingson, Andy Faust, Trish Nau

2013 – Steve Geiger, Barb Gibson, Ian Grasshoff, Jennifer Reek, Bill Shockley, Jay Yearwood

2012 – Brad Bastian, Justin Conner, William Cozzens III, Andy Hess, Lisa Morrison, Howard Veregin

2011 – Al Brokmeier, Andrea Fagan, Steve Geiger, Peter Miller, David Mockert, Bill Shockley

2010 – Brad Bastian, Emily Champagne, Larry Cutforth, Chris Diller, Doug Miskowiak, Lisa Morrison

2009 – Marge Geissler, Peter Miller, Doug Miskowiak, Dick Vraga, AJ Wortley, Michelle Yanda

2008 – Anthony Bellovary, Larry Cutforth, Kelly Felton, Scott Galetka, Tim Lehmann, Cindy Wisinski

2007 – Kristen Anderson, Marge Geissler, David Hart, Melissa Kraemer Badtke, Brian McGee, Jerry Sullivan, AJ Wortley

2006 – Bret Davies, Jeffrey DuMez, Scott Galetka, Jodi Helgeson, Cristina Pearson, Jay, Shambeau, Chris Vanderheyden

2005 – Brian Braithwaite, Brett Budrow, Jeff DuMez, Joyce Fiacco, Scott Galetka, Alan Lulloff, Jon Schwichtenberg

2004 – Brian Braithwaite, Tom Faella, Jodi Helgeson, Cristina Pearson, Jay Shambeau

2003 – Marilyn Mueller, Mark Walter, Mark Teuteberg, Al Lulloff, Ken Pabich, Don Dittmar

2002 – Damon Anderson, Jeff Bluske, Dianne Caffrey, Terry Dietzel, Lee Halbrook, Sally Reedy

2001 – Tim Barnett, Allen Brokmeier, Paula Cummings, Hugh Harper, Brenda Hemstead, Marilyn Mueller, Patricia Wodele, Roxanne Scott, Arden “Sandy” Sandsnes

2000 – Damon Anderson, Jeff Bluske, Terry Dietzel, Todd Halvorson, Mike Koutnik, Jim Johnston, Roxanne Brown for Outgoing President and Diann Danielsen for Past President

1999 – Tim Barnett, Paula Cummings, Pat Ford, Hugh Harper, Brenda Hemstead, Steve Ventura, D. David Moyer, and Diann Danielsen for Past President

1998 – Mary Brickle, Roxanne Brown, Todd Halvorson, William Holland, Dennis Mickesh, Patricia Wettstein, Mike Hansen for Past President

1997 – Diann Danielsen, Andrew Erdman, Lynn Grube, Georgia Hopf, Thomas Tym, Steve Ventura, Helen Schutten for Past President

1996 – Roxanne Brown, Aaron Cohen, Douglas Fuller, Dennis Mickesh, Patricia Wettstein, Brenda Haskins for Treasurer and Dave Fodroczi for Past President

1995 – Andrew Erdman, Michael Hansen, D. David Moyer, Karla Schulz, Susan Simons, Karen Sylvester, La Voun Wruck, Peter Thum for Secretary and Nancy von Meyer for Past President

1994 – David Schmidt, Ted Koch, Helen Schutten, Ron Betz for Newsletter Editor and Rich Leaver for Treasurer

1993 – Dave Fodroczi, Bill Huxhold, D. David Moyer, Karen Sylvester, Cathy Breunig, Rich Leaver, Hardy Meihsner, Nancy von Meyer, Bob Gurda for Secretary and Michael Lefebvre for Treasurer

1992 – Michael Lefebvre, Jane Licht, Mike Romportl, Roger Eberhardy, Al Miller, Tom Patterson for Treasurer and Sue Niemann for Legislation

1991 – Fred Chavis, Mike Johnson, Les Van Horn, Ed Hedges, Hardy Meihsner, Ron Voigt, Harold Charlier, Greg Sperry, Ben Niemann for Past President

1990 – Mike Bacon, Dave Kluever, Jeff Bluske, Marv Ripp, Dave Stuck, Bill Nantell

1989 – Dave Carlson, Harold Charlier, Greg Sperry, Art Ziegler for Secretary

Emerging Leader Award

Given to an individual in the first 7 years of their Land Information/GIS career who demonstrates exemplary individual technical achievement and/or leadership within the Wisconsin land information community.

2023 - Brittany Rickey, Hayden Elza, Megan Roessler

2022 - Brannick Beatse, Zachary Swingen

2021 – Nicole Hoeppner, Emily Szabo, Pam Ledin

2020 – Niklas Anderson, Chris Dickerson, Zach Newton

Extraordinary Service Award (retired)

2000 – Doug King, Lori Scully, Les Van Horn

1998 – Diane Sommerfeld