Legislative Committee

The Legislative Committee monitors proposed legislation and assesses the impact of how it may affect the Land Information Program and the Association.  The chair and vice-chair works with our Lobbyist, several partner organizations in the state, and our membership at large to keep an ear to the ground on proposed legislation that may affect the land information community.  Feedback as to whether our membership might support it or not is also given.  In addition, they may be called to help craft new legislation to improve funding and processes for the citizens of our state and our professional circles.  This committee is for anyone who would like input on legislative issues and has an interest in the process.  Work on this committee ebbs and flows with the Wisconsin State Legislative cycle and can depend greatly on current hot topics.


Jennifer Borlick, Rock County

Joe Fleischmann,, Sauk County

Carmen Novak, Bayfield County

Adam Derringer, Ayres Associates

AJ Wortley, Earthling Interactive

Bryan Meyer, La Crosse County

Colter Sikora, Public Service Commission

Eric Damkot, Washington County

Fred Iausly, Dane County

Jeremiah Erickson, Monroe County

Jon Schwichtenberg, GRAEF

Justin Conner, City of Wisconsin Rapids

Laurel Hodkiewicz, Xcel Energy

Steve Geiger, Polk County

Zachary Nienow, Ayres Associates

Sandy Disrud, Rock County

Peter Strand, Eau Claire County

Jim Lacy, Wisconsin State Cartographers Office


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