Nominations Committee

The Nominations Committee develops and recommends a slate of candidates for annual elections representative of the association membership for the board of directors approval. The president shall appoint the committee membership consisting of at minimum of two current directors and two at-large members with the past president serving as chairperson.

To nominate yourself or someone you know for the President-Elect position or to serve as a director on the Board of Directors, click on the Nominate button below.

Carmen Novak, Bayfield County

Jennifer Borlick, Rock County

Jeremiah Erickson, Monroe County

Adam Derringer, Ayres Associates

Colter Sikora, Public Service Commission of WI

Eric Damkot, Washington County

Jon Schwichtenberg, GRAEF

Kim Christman, Racine County

Niklas Anderson, Ayres Associates

Peter Strand, Eau Claire County

Shelley Witte, Department of Public Instruction

Nicole Barbiaux, Bay-Lake RPC

Joe Fleischmann, Sauk County

Cheryl Berken, Brown County


Board of Directors Guidelines

The only requirement for a nominee is that the person be a member of WLIA. If you are recommending someon for the President-Elect position, that person must have served on the Board of Directors for at least two years. 


The President-Elect position is a four (4) year commitment:

- One (1) year as President-Elect of the association;
- One (1) year as President of the assocation;
- One (1) year as the Past President position on the Board of Directors and;
- One (1) year as the Scholarship Foundation President.

A Director position on the Board of Directors is a two (2) year committment.