Pre-Conference Workshops

Morning Workshops  |  9:30am - 12:30pm

1. Learn ArcGIS Insights: Drag-and-Drop Spatial Data Science for Everyone
Ian Muehlenhaus, Esri  |  Tamboti Room

ArcGIS Insights is different. ArcGIS Insights combines the power of both data science and GIS into a single, cloud-based package that runs on both Windows and Mac. It has virtually no drop-down menus – allowing you to focus on exploring, analyzing, and visualizing your datasets without distraction. Most importantly: ArcGIS Insights is fun to use!

2. UAV in Local Government
Scott M. Galetka, Bayfield County  |  
Aloeswood Room

The workshop will cover a wide range of UAS missions that support Land Records, Engineering, Highway, Sheriff's Office, Conservation, Tourism, and Forestry/Parks departments. The workshop will dive into the data management side, managing large datasets, and how the drone program functions in a government organization. Each project is designed to fit unique requests; there will be a focus on the ongoing collaboration between the Bayfield County Sheriff’s Office and Land Records. We will be looking at a typical UAS project and the setup. There will also be a live demo of the search and rescue software (Loc8). Bring your questions and be ready for helpful tips and tricks for getting any drone program off the ground. Join in on this interactive workshop and learn from an experienced UAS pilot!

3. Legal Issues in GIS
Chris Dunn, GeoVelo Geospatial Forensics  |  
Marula Room

Hour 1: Geospatial Case Law:  With a special focus on YOUR personal legal liability, copyrights, contracts, open records, and more.

Hour 2: The Many Ways Geospatial People End Up in Court: 1) Making embarrassing mistakes; 2) You are the GeoExpert; 3) You made the geospatial demonstratives for court; and over twelve more ways.

Hour 3: Geofence Warrants (an emerging legal issue): Geofence warrants have proven to be an effective tool to help prosecutors and police make their case, often when no other evidence leads to a suspect. They are the latest intersection between the geospatial profession and law enforcement. In some jurisdictions prosecutors petition judges to authorize warrants which scrutinize one or more national location databases, containing location records of every citizen in the US with a smartphone.  Many legal scholars say it's the details of how those data are obtained from the warrant, selected, processed, and then presented in court which may, or may not, offend long-established Constitutional protections found under the 4th and 5th Amendments. We’ll avoid politics in this session and focus on how a Geofence Warrant might affect you professionally.  


Q&A: I love questions and you can ask them at any time during our session.  So, please bring your questions to the conference or email them ahead of time to

4. Tips & Tricks - Editing in ArcGIS and the Parcel Fabric
Frank Conkling, Panda Consulting  |  
Aralia Room

The transition to ArcGIS Pro and the Parcel Fabric opens many options to enhance the editing experience, especially for parcels and land records. This workshop will examine some of these options and provide valuable tips and tricks to help you work faster and more efficiently in ArcGIS Pro with your land records.

5. Introducing SQLite for Spatial Data: The New "Personal Geodatabase"
Aaron Fisch (Ruesch), Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources  |  
Mangrove Room

SQLite is arguably the most influential technology for app development on smartphones, making it one of the most influential information technologies today, period. But its influence is not confined to app development on smartphones. In the GIS world, SQLite fills the important role that previously belonged to ESRI's now deprecated Microsoft Access-based "personal geodatabase" (and a lot more!). SQLite is a FOSS (free and open source), portable, embeddable, lightweight relational database management system that can be enabled for the storage and processing of spatial data. This workshop will introduce how and why SQLite is used for spatial data (for example, fulfilling the relational aspect of data storage that File Geodatabases were not designed for), and provide an interactive introductory experience creating a spatially enabled SQLite database with sample tables and SQL queries.

6. ArcGIS Solutions:  Address Data Management for 911
Phillip Julian, Esri Solution Engineer, Esri  |  Guava Room

This session will provide an overview of a set of data management solutions that help local and state governments manage authoritative address repositories.


12:30 - 1:30pm

Lunch is included if attendee registers for both a morning and afternoon workshop. Wednesday lunch can also be purchased as an add-on during registration.

Afternoon Workshops  |  1:30 - 4:30pm

7. Data Visualization and Storytelling Essentials
Jami Dennis, Geodetic Analysis, LLC   |  Tamboti Room

Communicating with data is a key aspect of GIS. In this workshop you will learn best practices for presenting your data visually and telling stories that bring your data to life. Attend this session to discover why data visualization is an important communication tool, how to create great data visualizations, and how to effectively communicate with storytelling techniques. Things you'll learn by attending this workshop:

1. Tips for building better charts in Excel

2. How to think like a graphic designer

3. Cartographic techniques to improve your maps

4. Keys to storytelling with data and maps

5. Designing for the medium (map, poster, PowerPoint, dashboard, StoryMap)

6. Tips on presenting your work in an online portfolio

8. Field Collection Tools and Methods
David Buehler, City of Marshfield   |  Aloeswood Room
Tyler DeBruin, Town of Grand Chute

In this workshop we will examine and build practical field data collection systems using a variety of ESRI field collection apps, notably Survey123 and Field Maps. We will also use additional applications and dataset that help automate and enrich these programs, such as living atlas and Integromat. We will explore their strengths and weaknesses, how they function with high accuracy GPS units, how to automate tasks, and how each app integrates with each other to build amazing complete end to end workflows that will support your organization's collection needs. This workshop will be tailored to you to the best of our abilities, so please provide examples of workflows you would like to collect in the field to the instructors ahead of time. This way you can walk away with something in hand. This is a hands-on workshop, so you need a few things to fully participate. You will need a laptop, Survey123 Connect installed, and a mobile device that has Field Maps and Survey123 installed is preferred. Please bring any high accuracy GPS units you would like to use with ESRI products, so we can help set yours up for use after the workshop.

9. Parcel Fabric Editor's Workshop
Ruth Workman, Pro-West & Associates  |  Marula Room

Get up to speed on the Parcel Fabric, fast! Join this workshop to learn the most important practical tips and tricks for editors as well as exploration of the most up-to-date tools and capabilities available for fabric users. Content will reflect Esri’s most recent software releases relevant to the Parcel Fabric in ArcGIS Pro. This workshop is a must for editors who have limited time to spend learning new functionalities and techniques while focusing on the daily responsibilities of keeping parcel data up-to-date.

10. A Surveyor's Take on Mapping Legal Descriptions
Frank Conkling, Panda Consulting  |  Aralia Room

This presentation shall examine the way in which a surveyor reads and interprets a legal description and compares it to how most mappers interpret legal descriptions. Discussion shall include: priority of monuments, conflicts, simultaneous versus sequential conveyances, and junior and senior rights.

12. ArcGIS Online:  Choosing the Right Web App
Gustavo Castro, Esri Solution Engineer, Esri  |  Guava Room

Learn how to choose the right app building tools for your goals. View a real-world example that uses ArcGIS Dashboards, ArcGIS Instant Apps, ArcGIS Experience Builder, and ArcGIS Story Maps.