Clock Strikes 00:00 for On-line Map Registration

Posted By: Mike Seidel Annual Conference,

As the seconds ticked away, a flurry of activity saw an incredible influx of entries, and we couldn’t bring ourselves to declare on-line registration closed just yet. Rarely do we see such amazing action, but with the competition still neck-and-neck we really have no choice but to declare…DOUBLE OVERTIME!!!

That’s right, we’ve extended the deadline to submit your hard-copy maps on-line through the weekend! But don’t delay, once this second OT is over, on-line registration will close for good, and your only option will be to register your tremendous thematic maps and bodacious base maps on-site.

So, get that pesky registration out of the way, take an item off your plate, and free your mind up so you can focus 100% on the great conference that awaits you once you get to Green Bay. Go for the gold! Get in the game! Register today…


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