Knowledge is power, do you have some to share?

Posted By: Doug Avoles Annual Conference,

Hey all of you fellow talented Land Information practitioners, how about sharing some of your knowledge and skills by conducting a Workshop at the 2024 Annual WLIA Conference!

Since the inception of the Wisconsin Land Information Program, the WLIA membership has demonstrated a tremendous willingness to share and help each other advance in our professional development.  What better way to give something back to your WLIA colleagues than to conduct a Workshop at the Conference.  With the ever-increasing evolution of the technology that we all work with and the rapidly changing realm of land information, relevant workshops that help our members up their “skill game” are as important as ever.

The WLIA Conference Workshop Team is now seeking proposals for potential Workshops for the 2024 Annual Conference Feb 28 – March 1, in Green Bay, WI.  When submitting, be prepared to indicate the technical level involved.  Please consider what time would be needed to adequately cover your proposed workshop topic.  Traditionally, workshops have been either ½ day or full day sessions.  Also, consider co-conducting a workshop – especially very technically focused ones that may have hands on exercises for the participants.  Also, while WLIA is a very technology-driven organization, we recognize that there is also a need for “non-technical” workshops providing training in areas such as administration, management, legal issues, and communication related to Land Information.

If you have a Workshop that you would be willing to put on, please submit your proposal on the WLIA website before Fri, Sept 8th here.  The Conference Workshop Team will be reviewing all proposals and finalizing Conference Workshops by the beginning of October.