Map Contest Update - Volunteers and Maps Needed!

Posted By: Mike Seidel Annual Conference,

Welcome back, map fans!

Let’s rejoin the action after a relaxing holiday halftime…

As the 3rd Quarter kicks off, we need you to pick up the pace by picking out your best work to share with your potentially picky peers. The 2024 WLIA Annual Conference is rapidly approaching and it’s time to buckle down and give it your best effort - you’re playing for a shot at cartographic immortality after all. This is the Grand Poohbah, the Big Cheese, the Grandaddy of them All, the Super Bowl of mapping. It’s the WLIA Annual Map Contest (and it’s kind of a big deal)!

Let’s seal those gaps and submit those maps!

Register Here

And if you think your peers are picky, here’s a note from someone who’s purely persnickety:

Seriously, I am not judging you, but are judging me?  Oh, you are!  Well good, because we need judges, to judge maps like me. If you are interested in judging the map contest and are going to be present at the WLIA Annual Conference contact Jeremiah Erickson.


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