Your Playbook to WLIA Gatherings in Green Bay!

Posted By: Colter Sikora Annual Conference,

In football every great play warrants a counter play, something to enhance the team and keep things interesting. The Lombardi Packer teams were famous for their power sweep, but the Ice Bowl-winning touchdown was set-up by a play designed to go where the sweep couldn’t reach. The 2024 WLIA conference has three great events bringing attendees together to build relationships, make sense of conference content and have some fun! This year, we are introducing a new event to complement our two excellent regular evening gatherings!

Our New Play: Tuesday’s Pre-Conference Social Night at The Turn

Why not bring folks together for a warm-up? A typical WLIA conference brings 50-75 attendees to the host hotel the night before workshops. Glide into the events to come by having an evening with food, games and if you want…sledding and skating Tuesday night! Busing from the conference hotel will be provided with your $25 registration, along with food and group simulator games at The Turn. We’ll be in the famous Titletown District, so if you love a winter wonderland, you can also rent ice skates or go tubing on site!

“The Opening” Play: Wednesday’s Polka Fest

This year’s conference opening should get you on your feet! Our Social Team is crafting a Polka Festival complete with food, contests and perhaps some mapping celebrity polka DJs! Better get your yodeling voices and Oktoberfest costumes ready! We’ll share more details soon. Whether you like the Polish Hop, the Norteño, or would rather just roll out the barrel, you’ll be glad that the gang’s all here!

A Game-Winning Play: Thursday’s Exhibitor Reception

WLIA has a great line-up of exhibitors from multiple sectors attending this year’s conference, and we’re booking more! This is a great chance to meet with these folks and discuss potential projects and opportunities for you and your organization to succeed in the land information and mapping arenas. Hors d'oeuvres and our Silent Auction will also be contributing players. Look out for updates!

Remember! Register for the Conference, and select the Pre-Conference Social Night (Tuesday night) option. You should also RSVP to The Opening (Wednesday Night) and the Exhibitor Reception (Thursday Night).  Hotel blocks are available for Tuesday-Thursday nights, including government rate pricing!

Hope you see you on the skating rink, the dance floor, and the exhibit hall!


Ps. If you want to learn more about the drive that won the Ice Bowl, check out this Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel article. This seems like appropriate reading before a Green Bay playoff game against a certain team from North Texas.