Annual Conference, Regional Meeting and Workshop Fees Increase in 2023

Posted By: Jennifer Borlick Board, Community, Events,

In order to keep up with rising food and meeting room fees over the last several years, the WLIA Board has voted to increase Annual Conference and Workshops, and Regional Meeting fees by 15% (rounded to the nearest $5 to keep math simple in your budgets) starting in 2023. Our last increase in fees for the Annual Conference occurred in 2016 to incorporate The Opening into the conference registration fees. We have seen a steady increase in expenses at the venues for both the Annual Conferences and the Regional Meetings, and we are finding fewer venues that we are able to afford at the current rates.

Our Executive Services Manager, Ann Barrett, has done an excellent job of keeping us within budget, and our sponsors have been more than generous. And we are now at point where increasing meeting fees is the best way to ensure a quality experience for everyone attending for everything from the food to the audio/visual, to meeting spaces and speakers.

The Board has decided to take this action and announce it earlier in the year than in past increases in the hopes that it will give organizations time to make accurate requests in their budgets. We look forward to seeing you in Sheboygan in the fall (at the current rates) and into 2023 and beyond.

Annual Conference and workshops

Starting with the 2023 Annual Conference the rates will be:

Member Non-member Student
Full Conference $290 $460 $50
Thursday $260 $395 $50
Friday $200 $290 $45
Workshop half $85 $105
Workshop full $175 $205

Regional Meetings

The NEW 2023 rates will be:

Member Non-member Student
Full Conference $155 $175 $50
Thursday $120 $140 $45
Friday $50 $60 $25

The fees for the 2022 Fall Regional will remain the same:

Member Non-member Student
Full Conference $135 $150 $45
Thursday $105 $120 $40
Friday $45 $50 $20