Red Lanyards = No Pictures

Posted By: Jennifer Borlick Annual Conference,

No Pictures please

New this year at WLIA conferences and regional meetings!

With the desire to make our annual conference and regional meetings more welcoming to all, we have introduced red lanyards. Not everyone wants to have their picture taken and possibly uploaded to social media for promotional and informative posts. If this is you, we understand and want to make our gatherings less stressful for you. There is a table next to the registration desk with red lanyards. These lanyards work as a visual cue to people taking pictures to not take your picture, and if they do accidentally capture you in a group shot it will be a cue to the people who are writing our posts to not include a picture with you in it. Feel free to take one and wear it.

Our “official” photographers have been informed of this new policy. It is up to the attendees and members as well to help in this endeavor. If you see a red lanyard while you are taking pictures, please just… don’t take the picture. If you find a red lanyard when you are reviewing your picture later, please delete it. Don’t post it anywhere.

While we can’t absolutely 100% guarantee that your picture won’t be taken, we can absolutely 100% guarantee that we will do our best to prevent it.

If there is something else we can do to make your conference experience better, please let us know by approaching a Board member, the registration desk or your end of the conference survey.