The Minnesota GIS/LIS hosts their Spring Workshops on May 12th

Posted By: Caitlin Hagar-Kuhn Community,

On Thursday, May 12th, the Minnesota GIS/LIS Consortium will host their Spring Workshops at the University of Minnesota - Minneapolis Campus. This event is a hybrid of virtual and in-person workshops and lectures. Hands-on half-day workshops are $100 each and the full-day workshop is $200. Half-day lectures are $50 each.

Morning in-person Lectures include: "Developing a GIS Strategic Plan" with Cory Richter, City of Blaine and "GIS Data and Cartography for Computer Aid Dispatch" with Victor Barnett of Ramsey County.

The morning virtual lecture is "Parcel Fabric: What Need to Know Now" by Ruth Workman of Pro-West & Associates.

The morning in-person workshop is "Introduction to Python for Geospatial Professionals" with Travis Ormsby of ESRI and the morning virtual workshop is "Introduction to PostGIS" with Bill Mitchell & Mike Dolbow of the State of Minnesota.

The afternoon has 2 in-person lectures: "No More Telephone Game" with Cory Richter, City of Blaine and "Introduction to the Basic Cadastral Surveys in Minnesota" with Rod Squires of the University of Minnesota.

The afternoon workshops are all in-person: "Data Viz for GIS Professionals" with Kaela Dickens of DataDrive; "Introduction to Arcade Expressions" with Travis Ormsby of ESRI, and "ArcGIS Notebooks!" with Zachary Vavra from the University of Minnesota-Duluth.

There is one full-day in-person workshop, "Intro2ArcGIS Pro" with Bradford Folta & Kiah Rudlang of Honey Badger Analytics, LLC.

For more information, contact Jenna Luedtke at More details and registration can be found here.