U.S. Interagency Elevation Inventory - Data Call for Wisconsin

Posted By: Kim Meinert Industry,

Friday, September 23th is the Wisconsin deadline for the fall 2022 data call to the U.S. Interagency Elevation Inventory (USIEI).  If you have or know of any publicly available elevation datasets in Wisconsin that are not currently listed in USIEI, please reach out to the following contact who will assist in getting those datasets registered with the Inventory:

Mitch Bergeson, National Map Liaison - IA, MN, WI

mbergeson@usgs.gov c: 715-670-8478

Note these datasets do not need to meet USGS 3DEP requirements and any USGS GPSC projects should already be in the inventory.

To see current datasets for Wisconsin, go to the USEI Link for our state.

The USIEI is a nationwide listing of known publicly available high-accuracy topographic and bathymetric source elevation data for the United States and its territories. The inventory provides a single resource for information about all known completed and in-progress broad-area public domain elevation data.

The United States Interagency Elevation Inventory raises awareness of and increases access to existing elevation data, thereby reducing data duplication efforts. It helps to identify data gaps and informs and encourages collaboration on future data collection efforts. The inventory displays data set boundaries and provides information about the elevation data but does not host the data itself. If available, links to access the data, metadata, and reports are included.

What data are included in the inventory? The elevation inventory focuses on high-accuracy elevation data like lidar, IfSAR, and multibeam bathymetry. The inventory includes all known publicly available data sets with a significant coverage area, but may not include very small data sets (e.g., 10 square miles). A small number of restricted data sets are included in the Inventory. These may require a small fee for access or may only be available to certain types of users free of charge. Additionally, the shapes shown in the inventory are simplified and may not show the exact project or data boundaries. 

FAQ's available at: FAQ: United States Interagency Elevation Inventory (noaa.gov)