WLIA Career Connections is back!

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Are you an employer and looking to expand, hire, or network with potential future hires? We invite you to attend the 2nd Annual WLIA Career Connections held at the 2023 WLIA Annual Conference on Thursday, February 23rd, at the Kalahari Resort. Post your job description(s) on the Jobs Boards and then join the event to meet and interview students or current professionals. Grow your organization in a casual, no-stress environment. You may very well meet the next up-and-coming star of land information! Companies who participated in the event during last year's annual conference found it to be very beneficial. 

“GPI Geospatial enjoyed the opportunity to participate in the 2022 WLIA Annual Conference Job fair. The job fair allowed us to interview and get to know a wide variety of students around Wisconsin in a casual setting. Talking to students about what they are studying, and their interests helped Tyler and me narrow down the candidates we wanted to bring in for another round of interviews with our staff. The 2022 conference allowed us to hire three interns, two of which became full-time hires, and the 3rd will be back after graduation.” – Sonja Ellefson, C.P. – GPI

If you have questions, would like to know more, or would like to reserve some space and time at the event, please contact:

David Buehler – Membership and Outreach Chair