WLIA Technical Committee Seeks New Members & Engagement with Task Forces

Posted By: Jaime Martindale Community,

The WLIA Technical Issues and Information Policies Committee is looking to increase our membership in 2024 and we hope you want to get involved!  Tracking and reporting on the status of Wisconsin’s Foundational Layers is a core activity of this group.  Also, as important issues arise that need focused attention, task forces are formed within the Technical Committee to address time-sensitive topics:


NG911 task force
The NG911 task force was first formed in 2017 and continues to work on important ongoing issues related to data interoperability, standards applications, and enhancing communication about emerging issues, challenges, and opportunities related to the NG911 initiative.


Judicial Privacy task force
The newly formed Judicial Privacy task force will look deep into the issues and challenges surrounding land records management and Judicial Officer Privacy in Wisconsin. This work is likely to have two primary research and collaboration areas -- to engage and work in partnership with a broad range of key stakeholders in developing: (1) technical implementation strategies and best practices; (2) educational documentation to inform legislation.


To get involved with the WLIA Technical Committee or to learn more about how you can contribute to a task force, please reach out to Technical Committee Chair Jaime Martindale: jmartindale@wisc.edu before April 5th, 2024.