Annual Keynote Announcement: Meet Ginny Mason!

Posted By: Nicole Barbiaux Annual Conference,

Ginny Mason is an award-winning cartographer with a passion for creating and designing maps that tell stories. With over 20 years experience, her work has been recognized by the Society of News Design, The British Cartographic Society, ESRI, Avenza, and the Cartography and Geographic Information Society.

She has served the cartographic community through her involvement with the North American Cartographic Information Society, holding various leadership positions over many years.

Ginny holds a Master’s degree in Geography from the University of Wisconsin – Madison. Professionally, she has worked as a Cartographer at the Library of Congress, serving members of Congress on topics related to public policy and legislation change. She is a former Senior Graphics Editor for Maps at National Geographic Magazine, and is now Head of Cartography at S&P Global Commodity Insights, where she leads a team that visualizes stories about our world’s energy resources.

Ginny will be sharing experiences and insights that have led her to become the cartographer she is today. She’ll discuss how maps can help visually drive a story and engage readers, while drawing from projects throughout her career.

Ginny will join us on Friday during lunch. For more information about the agenda, visit our Conference Schedule page and keep up with all of our announcements on the Event Page