Dispatches from MN

Posted By: Carmen Novak Community,

WLIA representatives had the opportunity to attend and present at the MN GIS/LIS Consortium's Annual Conference, which took place in Duluth, MN on October 4-6th. What a great conference experience it was!

The WLIA presentation, titled "The Great Minnesconsin Map-Together!" focused on WLIA operations and goals, as well as the history of the Wisconsin Land Information Program and how it supports statewide foundational layers through the grant programs. Most importantly, WLIA was seeking to exchange ideas with Minnesota attendees and build on relationships between our two states. Great discussions were had!

The layout of MN's conference is very similar to WI's annual event: workshops taking place on Wednesday, keynote speakers and a variety of educational sessions on both Thursday and Friday. Social and networking events take place on ALL evenings -- Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Lots of opportunities to meet other members and attendees. The exhibit hall was lively and interactive with a scavenger hunt style game. The food was great!

WLIA successfully built on relationships with land information professionals at MN GIS LIS and we look forward to more opportunities to learn together!