Get Ready for GIS Day - November 16, 2022

Posted By: Carmen Novak Community,

GIS Day is celebrated every November -- it's a fun day to showcase how GIS is used to solve problems, how we can think spatially, how we can use maps to share stories, and generally just being excited about geography! GIS Day events can involve co-workers, schools, and the community. Read on for more GIS Day ideas and resources below...

Esri provides an inventory of Maps We Love, which can be used for inspiration. Plus Esri provides several resources for making your event a success, including flyers, slideshow templates, e-cards, logos, informational videos, and digital swag. There are activities tailored for childreen, teens, and adults. Check out this cool storymap that tells the story of GIS Day.

For inspiration on planning a GIS Day event in 2022, let's look back on some of the inspiring events from 2021. There is also a map of GIS Day events scheduled for 2022 so you can find something in your neighborhood.

We wish you a happy GIS Day!