DEI SIG: How to Be an Ally in the Workplace Recording and Resources Available

Posted By: Jennifer Borlick Events,

Caroline Robinson joined us from the Netherlands to present "How to Be an Ally in the Workplace". She was gracious enough to let us record the presentation and supplied us with a PDF with lots of links for further resources. The recording and resources are available here. Please note that you need to be a member in good standing and logged into the WLIA website to get there.

The 'How to be an Ally' presentation covered all that you want to know - with practical tips! - about how to be an ally in the workplace. From a UK/EU perspective, we explore how we can improve diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Topics include: What is allyship? Why is it important? And how to check your privilege. We will cover up-to-date EU policies that will affect supply chains worldwide and discuss the impact it will have in our workplace. Join us if you are interested in hiring and supporting women+ in your workplace!

About Caroline

Caroline has been in defense, governmental, transport, energy, planning and the environmental geospatial sectors. She is Founder and Lead Cartographer at Clear Mapping Co. She