Pregame Picks: Professional Development

Posted By: Jennifer Borlick Annual Conference,

So, there you are. Fourth and goal. Eight seconds on the clock. All you need to do is hand it off and let your running back run it into the end zone to win the game. Here's the wind-up. And the pitch. Swing and a miss!

Wait. What?!

Have you ever been working on a project trying to get various people on the same page, only to find out the other team members were not? This workshop is for you. Join Melissa Borowicz, CEO, The Utech Group and Bridget O’Connor, CEO & Founder, O’Connor Connective for Communication & Alignment to Create Project Success on Wednesday, February 28th at 9:30 am.

Alignment is critical to the success of any project. It is easy for all of us to have competing priorities that get in the way of truly having the buy-in you need to successfully manage projects. Having tools to create shared ownership and alignment helps to get projects off to a strong start. Knowing what, when and how to communicate with whom is vital to develop a path that gets everyone on the same page working toward success. In this workshop, you will learn tools to create buy-in and a shared purpose, understand how to navigate competing priorities, and develop a communication strategy to create alignment and engagement throughout the lifecycle of a project. 

To make  sure you are ready to lead that team to victory, check out the Developing Leaders Track on Friday, March 1st at 10:30 am. Start with making sure you can make it to the end zone by attending Becoming a GISP: The Importance of Professional Certification in the Geospatial Community. Tony Spicci, GISP, CGMP, Executive Director at the GIS Certification Institute will cover the various facets of a professional career, especially from a geospatial perspective. Included will be a discussion of certification and professional credentials in general, and the GISP specifically, and how this area can help an individual succeed early and throughout one's career.

One way to be able to lead your team to victory is to listen to the coach. Or coaches, as the case may be. WLIA is full of seasoned pros that are ready and willing to offer their experiences. Come to Perspectives on Leadership as a kick-off of a new articles series coming soon to the WLIA website. Perspectives on Leadership brings starters Jon Schwichtenberg, Kelly Felton, Larry Cutforth, Jim Landwehr (Hey. Didn't you just retire? Should we call you Brett?), Kimberly Meinert and Michael Koutnik to provide multiple perspectives on how they have addressed challenges relating to change management, succession planning, communicating with elected officials, collaboration, project management, etc. Join this conversation whether you're in your first job or have been in a leadership role for decades. You never know what approach to leadership may help you tomorrow. 

Make sure to register for the 2024 WLIA Annual Conference if you haven't already! Early registration and RSVPs to the various meals help us with a more accurate count and helps us save money.