Pregame Picks: The Crowd is Cheering for NG911, Experience Builder, and Lightning Talks

Posted By: Carmen Novak Annual Conference,

We're highlighting Workshops and Tracks to get you excited for Game Day.  Which will you pick?  The full preliminary agenda is available here and Sched, our online scheduling system, will be up soon with the final agenda.

Kicking off on Wednesday morning is a workshop we've all been rooting for -- NG911 GIS Data Implementation and Maintenance. Presented by Zach Hassler of WI DMA, together with Joe Martell of Shawano County and Doug Avoles of St. Croix County, this half-day workshop will cover key elements of the NENA and WI NG911 data standards, specific examples of workarounds for unique scenarios, data maintenance procedures, additions to schema, data uploads on various platforms, as well as advice from multiple vendors. WLIA attendees will have a massive fan-base of this workshop topic!

In the second half of the gameday, Wednesday afternoon will offer a workshop on Building Experience with Experience Builder. Presented by Jesse Papez of the WI DNR, this workshop is tailored for ArcGIS Online users who are either new to Experience Builder or have recently started working with this GIS application and configuring the tools. Samples from existing Experience Builder applications from the WI DNR will be shown and the workshop will cover a wide range of topics: introduction, assessment of capabilities, current limitations, demos, hands-on exercises, and more. You'll definitely want to tune in for this game!

Moving into Thursday morning, there are several great breakout educational sessions planned. A new track titled, "It's A Lightning Storm" will contain several short lightning talks to inspire learning and cheers from the crowd!

  • An Update on GISCI: What's Happening and What's New, presented by Tony Spicci of the GIS Certification Institute, will cover what GISCI has planned for the future. Learn more about GISCI and the GISP certification program!
  • Analyzing the Movement of a Soccer Referee, presented by Eric Damkot of Washington County, will cover Apple Watch and the Apple Fitness app were used to track movements during a game. ArcGIS Pro for visualization was used to analyze the data for this unique home mapping project.
  • Career Advice to my Younger Self, presented by Adam Dorn of Winnebago County, covers insightful career tips that seem obvious in hindsight, lessons learned from supervisors, colleagues, and WLIA members, and an opportunity to have a deeper discussion on career advice.
  • Let's Talk Manure: Nutrient Management Mapping and More, presented by Pam Ledin of AgSource, will cover nutrient management mapping to help farms come to life.
  • Conducting a GIS Inventory of Esri's Portal and AGO Environments, presented by Emily Berth of Waukesha County, will cover tools and methodologies employees to declutter the ever-growing workspace in AGO.
  • The One Map that Got Me into Mapping, presented by Matthew Rehwald of the WI GNHS, reminisces on a map that made an impact and allowed for a deep appreciation of mapping as a kid.
  • Helping Farmers, Saving Cranes: How the International Crane Foundation Uses Geospatial Systems in its Efforts to Prevent Crane-Related Crop Damage, presented by Ryan Michalesko of the International Crane Foundation. This covers the goals of the ICF, crane threats worldwide, and finding solutions to agricultural issues.
  • Survey123 Success Blueprint: Dos and Don'ts for Effective Implementation, presented by Daniel Arnouk of UW-Madison, covers strategies for success when using Survey123 as well as some common mistakes to avoid.

Still haven't registered?  Check out the Event Page for everything you need to get started.  Don't forget the hotel room!