Privacy Shielding Week

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Privacy Shielding WeekFrom our friends at the Property Records Industry Association (PRIA):

You are invited to learn more about Privacy Shielding/Daniels Law, with free webinars from Fidlar Technologies. The week of Nov. 13th, Fidlar is hosting “Privacy Shielding/Daniels Law Week."  Each day, we will host a FREE, 45-minute webinar where a panel of experts from across the United States will educate you on a different facet of the ever-evolving Daniels law legislative requirements and how they ensure compliance.

Session 1: How did it all begin?
Monday, November 13 | 10am CST

An overview of the origins the Daniel’s Law legislation from someone who has been involved from the beginning.

Joanne Rajoppi, County Clerk, Union County, NJ
Elizabeth Blosser, Vice President, Government Affairs, ALTA


Session 2: How has it grown?
Tuesday, November 14 | 10am CST

A panel of counties from various states discuss how they are interpreting the federal legislation and elaborating on it for their state.

Christie Willis, Orange County, FL
Leslie Hoffman, Maricopa County, AZ
Sandy Micheli, Wyandot County, OH
Mary Dempsey, St. Charles County, MO


Session 3: What are the effects?
Wednesday, November 15 | 10am CST

Representatives from the private sector will give an overview on how this legislation has changed their practices.

Chuck Ferguson, CLS, Assistant Vice President/Senior Commercial Examiner Fidelity National Title Group, Florida Agency Operations


Session 4: Who should be aware?
Thursday, November 16 | 10am CST

The legislation goes beyond just one or two offices in the county. Presenters will explain how entire counties are adapting to the new requirements.
Kristen Anderson, Business Operations Manager, Transcendent Technologies


Session 5: What can we do?
Friday, November 17 | 10am CST

For the past few years, Fidlar has been working on a solution to help individual offices and entire counties stay compliant with the privacy shielding legislation. We will give a short overview of our product, Citadel, and how it makes the requirements manageable for counties everywhere.

David Callaway, Product Manager, Fidlar Technologies
Clint Heitz, Partner Relationship Manager, Fidlar Technologies