Proof of Paid Membership Dues or Event Registration

Posted By: Shelley Witte Community,

I don't know about y'all, but I had a great time at the 2023 WLIA Annual Conference. We had amazing keynote speakers, interesting and informative sessions, and many opportunities to network and have fun. But it's almost the end of March which means I have to bite the bullet and do my least favorite post-conference thing... my conference expense report. [insert barfing emoji] I know I shouldn't complain that my employer is paying for me to learn new things and hang out with cool people for 3 days but getting that reimbursement is just not a fun or quick process.

But I digress. 

Our members have been asking us how to get an itemized receipt for either a membership dues payment or an event payment to submit to their employer. (TLDR) After paying an invoice, the receipt emailed to them only shows the amount paid but not what that payment went toward. It's like the credit card receipt you receive at a restaurant: separate from your itemized bill and only displaying the amount charged to your credit card. The payment receipt is not going to help you get reimbursed.

Fortunately, the Member Compass has you covered. Just head to the Account History section.

Here are examples of what you might see in your Account History:

  • Invoice - "check, please!" A document listing items purchased, the price for each item, and total amount owed. WLIA invoices usually contain purchased conference tickets, sponsorships, exhibit booths, or membership dues. If you've paid the invoice, you'll see a green PAID and a balance of $0.00 at the bottom.
Example of a paid invoice

  • Payment - the yin to the invoice's yang. A document confirming that WLIA received money from you to satisfy one or more invoices. Not very useful for our members but very helpful for WLIA when it comes to accounting!
Example of a payment receipt

  • Sales receipt - like if an invoice and a payment had a baby. If you pay for conference registration with a credit card at checkout, you'll receive a sales receipt.
Example of a sales receipt

The TLDR (too long, didn't read) version:  If you need a document showing that you paid for membership dues or conference registration - look for the relevant paid invoice or sales receipt in the Account History section of your Member Compass. Click View and Print for a PDF. If it doesn't display right away, check your pop-up blocker.