Spring Regional Spotlight: A Boundary Survey Becomes a Land Survey

Posted By: Kimberly Christman Events, Spring Regional,

Imagine, if you will, a “parcel” of land with 20 separate legal descriptions.  Throw in some gaps, overlaps, encroachments, vanishing streams, ponds, floodways, possibly the kitchen sink...  Now add an exterior line defined by a long-abandoned rail corridor having no track remaining and requiring bridge “inspection” for verification.  Add a rich history with lumbering, farming, mining, and recreation and we can begin to retrace the steps of those who once lived and worked on this land. 

When Eau Claire County received notice that a local company wished to make a land donation, they determined a boundary survey was in order.  A committee was formed, as often occurs, to determine the ‘best use’ of this donation and the County Surveyor was asked to serve on this committee.  Understanding the scope of what was needed, our office not only identified and marked the boundaries, but we also examined the history, the vegetation, the drainage, the limits, and the possibilities for this 230 plus acre piece of “wild” land.

On Friday, May 19th at the WLIA Spring Regional meeting, Dean Roth, Eau Claire County Surveyor, will present the methods and determinations made during this survey and how that information will be used to transfer ownership and determine the next steps for public enjoyment of the property. 

Come to the 2023 WLIA Spring Regional Meeting to learn more about this undertaking by Eau Claire County.

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