Pregame Picks: Parcel Fabric Workshops & An Entire Track for Gettin' Nerdy

Posted By: Carmen Novak Annual Conference,

We're highlighting Workshops and Tracks to get you excited for Game Day.  Which will you pick?  The full preliminary agenda is available here and Sched, our online scheduling system, will be up soon with the final agenda.

Kicking off on Wednesday morning is an introductory level workshop on ArcGIS Pro Parcel Fabric. Lead by Frank Conkling of Panda Consulting, this workshop covers editing a parcel fabric in ArcGIS Pro, a next-generation solution for maintaining Land Records from Esri. This half-day workshop will provide an introduction to the functionality, structure, implementation options, and workflows available for operating in the parcel fabric. Sample data will be provided that allows attendees to experiment with editing tools and workflows, learn new tips and tricks, and gain an understanding of the parcel fabric makeup. If you maintain land record information, don't fumble and miss out on this great learning opportunity!

In the second half of the gameday, Wednesday afternoon will offer an advanced level workshop on ArcGIS Pro Parcel Fabric. A continuation of learning from Frank Conkling of Panda Consulting, this half-day workshop will extend the attendee's understanding of the parcel fabric in ArcGIS Pro. Arcade language expressions, attribute rules, project file configuration, branch versioning, topology, and more topics will be covered. Sample data will be provided so attendees can leap into learning!

Moving into Thursday morning, there are several great breakout educational sessions planned. Among the best is a track titled, "Gettin' Nerdy with It! - Great Tools" and this amazing track will include presentations on ArcGIS Data Interoperability Extension, Python and ArcGIS Notebooks, and Geoprocessing!

  • My Journey with the ArcGIS Data Interoperability Extension for Desktop, presented by Jim Lacy of the State Cartographer's Office, will cover the experience of using ETL software (aka FME Workbench or FME Form) to migrate massive datasets into a new data model. Lessons learned will be shared as well as tips and tricks for getting started.
  • Python and ArcGIS Notebooks Improve Reproducibility of County Health Indicator, presented by Jess Hoffielder of County Health Rankings and Roadmaps, will cover how Python code was used to automate the workflow for buffer creation, spatial intersect, data summation and export, and more. An ultimate time-saver that allowed staff collaboration to share expertise in GIS tools and using Python.
  • Geoprocessing for Time Savings, presented by Steve Kaiser of the City of Oshkosh, covers using geoprocessing tools to automate repetitive tasks and how to get started with Modelbuilder and more advanced concepts. Discussion among the audience will generate more idea sharing opportunities!

Still haven't registered?  Check out the Event Page for everything you need to get started.  Don't forget the hotel room!