Pregame Picks: QGIS / SQL Workshop + Cultural Cartography

Posted By: Carmen Novak Annual Conference,

We're highlighting Workshops and Tracks to get you excited for Game Day.  Which will you pick?  The full preliminary agenda is available here and Sched, our online scheduling system, will be up soon with the final agenda.

Kick off on Wednesday morning with a workshop on "Creative Workflows Using QGIS and SQL." Hayden Elza with the WI State Cartographer's Office (SCO), will walk attendees through the process of creating their own witness tree mapping projects using the original land survey data of Wisconsin. Several topics will be covered, including filtered datasets, virtual layers, virtual fields, geometry generator symbology, label placement, adding database connections, database views, QGIS plugins, and spatial queries in Postgres.

No prior knowledge of QGIS, SQL, or the listed subject matter is required to attend. This workshop is touchdown quality!

Thursday will include a full day of amazing presentations, networking, exhibitors, keynotes, and everything in between. Moving into Friday morning, there are several great breakout educational sessions planned. A track titled, "Cultural Cartography" will contain several in-depth sessions on these important topics. Make this track your number one draft pick!

  • Culture and Fantasy Series: Lord of the Ring Maps - How cool is this? This session will highlight bringing the Middle Earth styling into your cartographic creations.
  • Identifying Wisconsin's Cartographic Phantom Communities - These phantom communities appear on maps but do not actually exist on the ground. Be sure to attend this interesting session to learn more on how this happens.
  • Mapping Teejop: An Indigenous Walking Tour of the UW-Madison Campus - This session will highlight Indigenous history and presence on and around the UW–Madison Campus. Created in partnership between the American Indian and Indigenous Studies Department and the UW Cartography Lab, Mapping Teejop is a series of walking tours delivered through a web application. Each tour tells a story of Indigenous history and life, centered around specific places in the campus landscape. Don't miss this one!

Still haven't registered?  Check out the Event Page for everything you need to get started.  Don't forget the hotel room!